Another Raid?

It looks like Texas is at it again-they may raid another LDS compound and take all the children based on disgruntled former members accusations and the fact that they already have one person going to trial.

Since CPS in Texas has already shown that they will lie, manipulate and twist facts, how can we believe they won’t do it again? In fact I will show that they have already lied in this article a bit later.

I wonder if the sect’s business has something to do with the raid:

“Many purchase the church’s organically grown food, herbal drinks and dairy products, believing similar items available elsewhere are “unclean.”

We already know that the State is going after organic food-and this sect just happens to grow their own organic food. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Here is the lie in the article:

“Some authorities fear Hawkins will lead his group to a tragic end like David Koresh, who the government said urged his Branch Davidian followers to set their compound on fire and kill themselves in 1993, when federal authorities tried to end a 51-day siege. Survivors blame the deaths on federal agents.”

Those survivors would be correct since CNN tells us:

“According to a senior law enforcement official, the materials — which have been transfered to FBI headquarters in Washington — include video and audio tapes, which allegedly show the request and the approval for the use of CS gas devices, which have been described by FBI officials as possibly pyrotechnic.”

Yet they want us to believe that those devices had nothing to do with the fiery blaze at that compound.

Just like they want us to believe that another raid is no big deal.

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