Spiritual Abuse

I was listening to ThatMoms pod casts on spiritual abuse, and one of the things she outlined got my attention. She was talking about the signs of spiritual abuse and giving examples of them. The one that stood out to me was when she was talking about the way they treat people who leave the congregation. One of the things they do is tell people not to contact anyone who left.

That got me thinking because that’s what the elders in my congregation did to our leader. The elders did not tell us we could have no contact with them, but they told the leaders they were not to have contact with us.

ThatMom was also talking about manipulation and deceit-how one of her pastors quoted a teacher she said she liked, but when she brought the fact up to him years later, he told her he had never read anything by that person.

In my congregation there was lots of manipulation going on before the elders left-they would tell our leader one thing, tell us another. This happened numerous times before they left.

I had never thought about their actions in light of spiritual abuse-but ever since I heard those pod casts, I have been wondering about it. They wasted no time starting another congregation and now I wonder how things will pan out there. If the elders continue to want power they way they did with us, I wonder how long it will be before people end up being asked to leave-especially when they disagree with something.

Time will tell…but I do feel for the people that may be caught in that trap.

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