My congregation will be moving into our new building this weekend. This will be good since we will no longer have to share a building with 4 or ten or more ministries. We will be the owners so we will be able to have the sign with our name on it and it will be easier for others to find us.

I am also happy to say that after two years of having to follow others and stumble through one of our celebratory dances, I have finally been taught it. I had asked to learn it a few times but was always rebuffed. Since we had the split, people look to me as one of the people to follow for dance. Since we are having guests tonight, and I knew others would be looking to me, I did not want to continue stumbling through it. It is a fast dance with four parts and although I had picked up most of it, I wasn’t sure of the timing of certain steps, and was it this step or that step, things like that. Now I am confident with the steps and pattern of the dance and feel better about someone following me.

We have a total of thirteen dances tomorrow night. Ten of them are regular dance songs, two of them are tambourine songs (need to put my tassel on my tambourine) and the last one is the celebratory dance. It will be a fun, but late service tomorrow. And most of the dances are fast so I was assured that we will not do all of them in a row-I hope that holds true.

After having a rough time at the start of the year with the split, I am thankful that we have things to celebrate now-with other congregations as guests!

Baruch HaShem! (Blessed be The Name!)

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