Parents Lack Facts, Need Monitoring

According to a study done by University of Rochester Medical Center. One of the results of the study was:

“…the study found that many parents don’t know that 1-year-olds can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, and often don’t cooperate or share when playing with other children.”

Contrary to popular opinion, one year olds do know the difference between right and wrong. They know what things they can do and what things they can’t do. They understand what the word no means if they have already been taught what it means. They don’t always obey the word no, but it is hogwash to say they can’t understand right and wrong. It is also detrimental to their character training to think they are incapable of knowing right and wrong.

The same goes for sharing-they may not like it, but they can be taught it. If they can’t or don’t share, there are consequences-time out, sent to their room, take the toy away, etc…

The study concluded that these erroneous ideas would result in “less healthy interactions with their children.” Of course, they do not elaborate on what they think these less healthy interactions would look like.

This study also has solutions for those parents they deem clueless, such as making sure parents attend all well child visits. The study says that parents are given all sorts of information at these visits.

That fortunately did not happen to me which is good because I would have been irritated at all the information handed out each visit. And soon it will be a requirement that all pediatricians will do this-just wait and see.

Lastly, the real reason for this study is revealed:

“As for future research, Gigante said it would be useful to follow the children of parents with less knowledge about child development “to see how these children do in school and to measure whether or not these children are more at risk for child abuse and neglect.”

It’s all about getting more control over the population at large. It also allows the state to go on a fishing expedition to find abuse. And no cutoff date for following the children was given, so the state would use this to look for future abuse-just like they did in the Texas FLDS raid.

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  1. Dr. Paul
    May 05, 2008 @ 22:06:41

    Interesting post – Parents don’t know everything, but they are sure a better bet than the state!


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