Broken Bones and Ministries

The lying, manipulation, guessing and assumptions continue on in the FDLS case. The authorities have finally figured out a way to go after the boys too:

“Cockerell also said 41 FLDS children had evidence of broken bones, some of whom are “very young.”

I would like to know what their definition of very young is, given their penchant for deciding age on how old someone looks to them.

Later on the article says that comment was not meant to be an indication of abuse or neglect. Do they really think that statement is believable?

And it also sets yet another ominous precedent-that if your children have or had broken bones, that’s a sign of abuse. Remember that none of the children at the time they entered custody had broken bones, so they are looking at past evidence to insinuate something sinister was going on.

I happen to have friends with boys and they have had numerous broken bones, concussions, etc.. I guess CPS could go after them on suspicion of abuse, all because boys were being boys?

And even though they say this is not an allegation, a few paragraphs later we have this:

“We do not have X-rays or complete medical information on many children so it is too early to draw any conclusions based on this information, but it is cause for concern and something we’ll continue to examine.”

Yet they still want us to believe these comments are not alleging or insinuating anything?

I am also concerned about the church involvement with this. We know that the buses originally used in the kidnapping were from a Baptist church.

I would like to know how long that Baptist church knew about this kidnapping raid? It takes time to get permission to use any business/agency/church vehicles-not to mention that the buses themselves had to be ready-cleaned, gassed up, enough drivers, etc…

The other ministry I wonder about is the Arrow Child and Family Ministries. The Common Room had this information:

“I live in Texas and thought y’all might be interested in seeing an email I received from one of the yahoo groups I belong too. It’s not the first one I have received although this one is the most detailed as to what will happen to the children.

Hi Everyone! My sister, _____ is the executive secretary to ________, who is the
Founder and President of Arrow Child and Family Ministries. Arrow found out today that they will be receiving 80 -100 permament placement children from the Eldoradofor 1 – 2 years. More than likely, the parental rights of their parents will adventually be terminated and they will placed in foster homes and/or adopted out. Arrow is an excellent Christian Foster to Adopt agency. I have met many of the staff and they are very Godly people. I am so grateful to Arrow for being willing to take on such a responsibility of caring for these children. These children will be in a wonderful Christian environment. They will be placed at the beautiful Arrow Retreat Center in Porter, TX. Arrow is in need of many volunteers of short and long term commitments. The current need that they have is getting the cabins ready for these children by next Monday. CPS will be out to inspect the Arrow Retreat Center in Porter next Tues. and everything has to be in tip-top shape. These children are use to a very clean invironment. (They have not been allowed to be normal children and have been made to work and clean instead of play.) The cabins have been setting over the winter and are in need of a good Spring cleaning. Ronna and I were out there cleaning one cabin till 9:30 tonight and we didn’t even get have way finished. There are seven cabins that have to be cleaned. I will be working at The Arrow Retreat Center all day on Wed., April 23rd. If there is anyone that can donote anytime this week to help Arrow clean the facilities and help prepare for these children, please call me at (281… . I am helping coordinate this project. (No training is needed for this volunteer task. Just wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty! Bring old rags and cleaning supplies if you have them.) Teenagers are welcome to help with this project as long as they are supervised by a parent or responsible adult. I wouldn’t advise bringing childten under the age of 12 because of the cleaning chemicals and labor involved.

Arrow will need many volunteers to do a number of tasks over the next couple of years. From doing laundry, to cleaning,cooking, shopping, etc… (My understanding, these volunteer tasks would be at your convenience, whenever you are available.) They are also in need of long term volunteers that would work directly with the children in 8 hour shifts. There are other volunteer needs as well. In order to volunteer, you must attend an orientation meeting and some training is involved. To find out when and where the orientation meetings will be held, you may contact Arrow Chld and Family Ministries at (281… .

They are also in need of donations. I am attatching a list of items needed if you or your church family can help in any way. I know that their current needs are white twin sheet sets , (200 sets) white towels, wash clothes, hand towels and toiletry items. The list will of course change when they find out the needs of the children they will be receiving. They will need pack-n-plays, high chairs, strollers, car seats, diapers, etc. for the babies. Right now, they are just worrying about the present needs of preparing for these children.

As far as these children’s education goes, it looks like CPS is coordinating with the University of Texas to have a charter school on site at the retreat center. This will take place in the Fall. [more hypocrisy from the state] Therefore: Arrow will have to build several new buildings for the school. I am helping pick-up donations and cooridinate volunteers for Arrow, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

More than anything, these children need a lot of prayer. Only God can heal the hurt and sort out the confusion in these children’s lives. Please pray for the staff of Arrow that God will give them strength and wisdom to care for these children. Arrow will have to hire around 75 workers to help care for these children. Please pray that God sends them just the right people to work with these precious children.

Sorry this is so long. Thank you for taking time to read this.”

According to the person who sent this, this was not the first communication they had received about this. And this was posted April 23rd-long before any permanent custody hearings had taken place, yet this center knows they are getting 80-100 children. I also wonder why they need to be at the center for one to two years before being adopted or put in permanent foster care?

And why are these churches/ministries not bothered about the fact that this whole raid was started by a false phone call? Or that the constitutional rights of these people have been violated every step of the way?

It bothers me that these places are non-challant about what has happened.

The Common Room has been following this story and has lots of posts and links to other people who are concerned about this as well.

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