The New Great Pyramid

Isn’t this charming:

“It sounds like an absurd idea. The plan is to build a massive pyramid, filled with human remains, on a windswept field near the city of Dessau, eastern Germany.”

Did you catch that-they want to fill it up with human remains. And here is their reasoning:

“But the organisers of the project are adamant that this is not a PR stunt. There were pyramids in ancient Egypt, so why not in modern-day Germany, they argue.”

There were lots of things done in ancient Egypt-does this mean that Germany should copy all of them? That would mean no electricity, no cars, and slaves. Not to mention the fact that Egypt is not and never will be a great nation again. Is that what they want for themselves?

The backers for this graveyard have already secured a government grant. This means that the people of Germany and the EU are the ones paying the bill for this pyramid, which has no limit:

“The organisers say the pyramid would grow gradually over the years.”

Meaning that this will be a never ending tax for the people of the EU. I wonder how they feel about that?

The article goes on to say that having the pyramid would make it a theme park about life and death. I don’t know how they come to that conclusion, since there was nothing mentioned about having a display of life there.

They also quoted a person saying that this is a graphic way of dealing with death. The memorial will only have an impact if you know someone buried there. Otherwise once people move on to the next attraction, the pyramid will be forgotten. Not to mention that if you have had someone you were close to die, death is very graphic for you.

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