Belgian Parents Face Jail

“Two sets of parents in Belgium were recently handed five month prison terms for failing to vaccinate their children against polio. Each parent was also fined 4,100 euros ($8,000)


The parents can still avoid prison — their sentences were delayed to give them a chance to vaccinate their children. But if that deadline also passes without their children receiving the injections, the parents could be put behind bars.”

Even though polio outbreaks in Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Philippines, Madagascar, China and Indonesia were caused by the vaccine. The article says it was because unvaccinated children got the virus, and then spread it to others. I don’t believe that the only people unaffected were the non-vaccinated. The article does admit on the second page that “no vaccine is risk-free.”

Something the Belgian parents may have already discovered. If the children were to get the vaccine and have a bad reaction to it, is the Belgian government going to pay for the care those children will need, even if it is for the rest of their lives?

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