Is Registration Worth The Cost?

There has been much talk about what could happen in California to homeschoolers if the current interpretation of the law stands. People have been talking about hiding, but as someone pointed out, you can’t hide when the government already has your name, address, etc.. in the system.

Even if you go underground, they can still find you. This is why registering is so dangerous. I know people who wonder why they get things from the public schools about enrollment, when their children have not been in a public school. The answer is simple-did you register with the state? If you did, that’s how they know to send things to you.

Ask yourself why the state wants you to register? It’s so they know who to come after should homeschooling be outlawed.

The same cycle has repeated itself with gun ownership-when researching countries that had gun owners register their guns, confiscation of them followed. It may not have been right away, but sooner or later, registration led to confiscation. let’s look at Canada:

“Let us not hear that (registration) is a prelude to the confiscation
by the government of hunting rifles and shotguns,” Canadian Justice Minister Allan Rock said in Clintonesque tones on Feb. 16, 1995. “There is no reason to confiscate legally owned firearms.”

“Ten months after Rock’s remarks, Parliament passed the Canadian Firearms Act, and confiscating legally owned firearms is precisely the first thing the new law did.

Pistol owners, of course, had been promised that registration would never lead to confiscation when Canada’s national handgun registry was enacted in 1934.”

The registry started in 1934. Canada waited until 1995 before they confiscated guns. The state can be very patient waiting for the opportune time to confiscate guns (or children).

And this:

Registration lists have led to gun confiscation in Australia, Bermuda,Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, Soviet Georgia and other countries. It has also happened here, and the history of firearms registration in New York City is particularly instructive.”

Registration leads to confiscation. Instead of guns, this time it is children and family that will be confiscated. Is registration worth that cost?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elisheva Levin
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 11:40:37

    Interesting. Since I took my son out of school, I had no choice but to register my some as a homeschooler, since the school district was already aware of him. But you bring up some good points here, points to ponder.


  2. abrianna
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 12:24:55


    I understand that and I know many other people have done the same thing. I am not against the people that have registered, but I am against the state requiring it.

    Many times I have heard homeschoolers say that’s it so easy to homeschool in their state-all you have to do is register. I don’t think we should be so complacent about it. I don’t know if many have asked themselves why does the state want you to register in the first place?


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