In the 1990’s when the Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian war was taking place, there was one detail left out of mainstream coverage. This was the fact that Yugoslavia

“was composed of ethnic and religious groups that had been historical rivals, even bitter enemies, including the Serbs (Orthodox Christians), Croats (Catholics) and ethnic Albanians (Muslims).”

In the late 1980’s the Serbian Christians were being mistreated by the Albanian majority, and this was fanned to lead to conflict. And interestingly enough Kosovo is made up of 90% Albanian Muslims.

Bosnia is also a mostly Muslim country. I find it interesting that one of the sites where I got this information said that the Serbs were using rape as a weapon against people. I find that a curious turn, since that is normally something attributed to the other side.

The U. S. stepped in and supported the Bosnians in this war. That means that the U.S. was responsible for killing many Christians. And part of this conflict was indeed between Christians and other religions.

Now we come to Kosovo in the present. They declared themselves an independent nation, and the majority of people in that area are Muslims. Thus the Christians in that area find themselves under siege once again.

We also need to realize how important Kosovo is:

With the February 2008 declaration of Independence, this process has reached its completion. Kosovo is not a
mafia state in its own right, it is a US/EU protectorate under NATO military rule. The government of Kosovo, which has extensive links to organized crime, serves the interests of the US-NATO occupation. “

It seems that the U.S. will be carrying on business as usual in Kosovo and will help kill more Christians.

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