Censoring Journalists

Matthew Lee, a journalist who has a small web site and has been exposing some of the U.N.’s corruption, has been banned from Google News.

Though his writing is clunky, his methods unorthodox (and often highly annoying) and his news judgment sometimes more than a little off the mark, Lee has hit his share of bull’s-eyes and became an outlet for whistleblowers inside the U.N.

“I’ve been covering … U.N. stories, three to four a day, for two years, and for the last two years there’s been no problem at all,” Lee said. “Then that Friday, I received the e-mail. There’s something a little skeezy here. I think that Google got involved with the U.N. on these Millennium goals and thought, this is the United Nations, if they tell you some small Web site is a thorn in their side and there’s a credible reason you could remove them from your news service, you do it.”

I have to say, it does seem odd that Lee got de-listed after he challenged Google about their non-signing of the human-rights and anti-censorship compacts.

Google has said that Lee’s site will be re-instated, but it will take a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with Lee or not. It is disturbing that here in Amerika, America, that a journalist would be censored because a company or organization does not like what the journalist writes.

We are becoming more and more like China, Cuba and Russia every day.

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