The Wrong Set of Beliefs

Nate Tseglin was forcibly taken form his home because the state disagreed with the way the parents were treating him.

“The teacher reported seeing self-inflicted scratches on Nate’s body and complained about the doctor-approved arm restraints his parents used to keep Nate from hurting himself.”

The teacher did not like the scratches, nor did she like the doctor approved restraints. It appears that these parents could not have pleased this teacher no matter what they did.

Adding more insult to injury:

“…even though the court determined “the evidence is clear that the parents have always stood by and tried to help their son,” the court sided with the government.”

The court did not say the Tseglins were abusive. The court did not say the Tseglins were neglecting their son, but that didn’t matter. They still took Nate from his parents, and do not allow them to be involved in decisions regarding his care.

Nate first went to a group home but after he ran away, the state decided to punish him even more by putting him in a mental facility with the criminally insane. His parents are concerned that he will suffer all sorts of abuse there.

CPS also told the Tseglins that they have “…”wrong set of beliefs” and even threatened to force them to undergo court-ordered psychological evaluation.”

Of course, even if the Tseglins were to change their beliefs, who’s to say that their new beliefs would be acceptable to the State? And therein lies the problem-that the State gets to decide which beliefs are acceptable.

Sounds more like China than the U.S. to me. And they’re coming after the poor and immigrants today-who will it be tomorrow?

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