Police Search

“As Boston police prepare to go into some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, knock on doors of private houses, and ask if they can search for illegal guns without a warrant, officials are trying to pitch the idea of the plan as friendly cooperation to residents who still see it as a threatening intrusion.”

Those residents that see it as threatening have the proper understanding of the situation. It is a dangerous precedent to get citizens used to giving up their constitutional rights. This encourages the government to act more and more as a dictatorship. The more people acquiesce to this, the harder it makes it for people that do want to exercise their rights.

Once the police are in the home, they can search for anything they want, since there is no search warrant. A warrant has to spell out what they are looking for and where they will look. Without that protection, anything they find can be used against the residents of the home in court. And since the people let the police in voluntarily, there is no recourse for them in court.

“My belief is there are ministers that will do it as part of their
ministry because they want to make sure police don’t overstep their boundaries,” said the Rev. David Wright, executive director of the Black Ministerial Alliance, whose board has not decided whether to endorse the program. “And I think that’s a valid point.”

Ministers should not be accompanying police in a search-separation of church and state and all that. Secondly, it is getting people conditioned to the idea that ministers participating in police duties is a good thing.

What the minister quoted above seems to have missed is that the government has already overstepped its boundaries by proposing this plan.

Later on the article said that one person “…doubts any child would be arrested as a result of the search, even if police found a gun that turned out to be a murder weapon.” There’s no guarantee it won’t happen either. There was no mention of immunity from charges should a gun be found that is connected to a crime. At this point no one knows what will happen with charges that may come up from this illegal,unconstitutional search.

Let’s hope that the folks in Boston say no to this plan.

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