Lashon Hara

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Our congregation started from a home bible study affiliated with a church. When that study got too big for the home, the couple who started the study went to their church and asked to rent space from them.

Ever since, that church has been giving us a monthly stipend that has now ended. We learned in this week’s service that “due to rumours that [this church] has heard about [our congregation], they will no longer support us.”

There is only one former board member that has ties with that church, so it is obvious that he told them. Remember he has been resigned since the 23rd of January so he had no capacity to speak as if he was a representative or in leadership of our congregation. Yet his ties were so strong there that this church believed him and severed not just monetary but all ties with us.

He committed Lahon Hara-something he should know about since he is and was raised Jewish. Simply put, lashon hara means “the evil tongue.”

“…which we saw means saying something bad about another person even if it happens to be true. In other words, lashon hara is gossip, spreading evil (even if true) reports, or expressing a critical or negative spirit about others. Such behavior is explicitly forbidden in Levitcus 19:16.”

In other words if I see you stumbling down the street drunk, I should tell your spouse or other immediate family, so they know where you are and can get you out of harm’s way. What I should not do is then tell anyone else about the escapade. Or as the old saying goes-if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

In traditional Jewish thinking, lashon hara is one of the worst sins because it causes division, isolation and loneliness.

Now that this church knows about our troubles, how long will it be before news spreads to the community at large? We have no idea of knowing what was said by this individual, so who knows what this church heard? He has already proven himself to be deceitful in this process.

Even worse, how will this affect our impact in the community to help, do outreaches, etc..

At least now I know who the instigator, wolf, wanna-be king is.

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