More Revelations

For background read this and this.

We had another meeting this week-a meeting that the board was invited to, but chose not to attend. It turns out that their deception was worse than we originally knew.

One of the deceptions was about the sabbatical. It turns out that after the first sabbatical terms were rejected, our rabbi did agree to a sabbatical with better terms. These new terms had been discussed, but not agreed on in writing. Before the new terms could be worked out, the board resigned.

One person told us that the board made the first terms so harsh because they were using it as a negotiation tactic. This was news to our rabbi and wife-they said if they had known it was just a negotiating tactic, they would not have been so upset.

Quite frankly, I do not believe for a minute that it was solely for negotiation purposes.

Another thing we had been told was that the board had not sought after any negative comments about how things were run-that everybody came to them, unsolicited. We discovered from a deacon that was untrue. This person had been called by one of the board members and asked if they were unhappy with things in the congregation.

A third person said they sent a letter to one of the elders asking them for scriptural references as to why the terms of the first sabbatical were so harsh. They were told that this was not a matter of intellect but of heart and gave her no references.

In other words, they knew that they had no scriptural references for what they did.

In the previous two examples and in the other posts I made on this we see a pattern of deception by the elders. They have consistently told the congregants one thing and the rabbi and his wife another.

Our rabbi said that he has had partial reconciliation with three of the four members. He did also say that one of them he has had constant conflict with in regards to running the congregation, theological issues, etc.. I bet that is the same person he has not yet had reconciliation with and that person is the wolf.

Someone did say that we are all sinners, we have all been deceptive, and we should still love them. She is right.

Of course it would be great if they came back, but they absolutely should not be granted leadership positions right away. They need to turn from their deception before they could even be considered for any leadership positions. And so far, they are still being deceptive and disruptive.

They were leaders and as such, they are held to a higher standard than the rest of us.

And as a result of this, one of our deacons, who had been a deacon for years and would be an elder, resigned form his position, because it has been so hard for him. Another one is taking a temporary leave form his position.

It is amazing how so few people can cause so much trouble.

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