U.S. Nationals

I am a figure skating fan, so I was watching the Nationals this weekend and it was interesting. The pairs we saw did pretty well, compared to other years. There were still some falls, but most years each pair had more than one fall so this year was quite the improvement, thankfully.

The ice dancers were all good and Belbin and Agosto were fabulous. If they can hit their performances at Worlds the way they did here, they should be able to get their gold medal. Their win was well deserved.

The ladies were quite the story as the gold and silver medal winners are all to young to go to the worlds. The bronze winner will be going, but the fourth place winner can not go as she also will be too young. We are still waiting on word for who the women who will be on the team.

Emily Hughes had to withdraw due to an injured hip. Kimmie Meissner had three falls and ended up seventh overall. She could be picked to go to Worlds as she is the only one with experience, but the last few seasons she has had trouble, so it seems her experience is not much of an advantage.

The men’s competition was great. Usually the women’s competition is great and the men’s has been an “Oh well, maybe next year will be better” type of thing. Not this year-Even Lysachek and Johnny Weir ended up tied in points. When that happens, the rule is that they go to the winner of the long program to determine placement-this year Evan won the long program so he won the gold! It was exciting and very close-Evan did not win by much. I’m glad because I like Evan better, even though I thought Johnny had won.

Johnny had better jumps and spins, but Evan had better everything else, which is what gave him the edge.

We should definitely win medals at Worlds for ice dance and men. Not as sure about pairs or ladies, but I’ll be watching.

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