The Wolf Is Gone

You will want to read this post for background information.

Today we received a letter from the elders of our congregation. They resigned and made it clear they would not be returning.

I found it intriguing that the main reason they resigned was because they said our rabbi made them ineffective as leaders with his comments last week. It was okay for them to make him look ineffective to us with their demands, but they didn’t like it when their agenda was exposed.

Some of the things in their letter stumped me, since what they heard were not things our rabbi said. I wonder what service these folks were in to have heard what they did.

Ultimately, they wanted to run the rabbi, he disagreed and they didn’t like it, and they were found out.

Leadership said they did not want to fire or get rid of our rabbi, but apparently a lot of people, including myself, were under the impression that’s exactly what they wanted. How else were we to interpret their stipulations that he have no contact with anyone, and if he did leave to leave without saying anything to anyone? What other way is there to interpret that statement, especially when our rabbi said the elders were correct in pointing out areas he needed to work on?

So now we see who will remain and who will join the others. I’m sure that they will be starting another congregation in the area.

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