I Want to Die a Martyr

This is what a teenager told me recently. I thought that a rather interesting thing to say for someone who is a believer. Now I do not know this person nor the church she attends, but I can’t help wonder about her motivations for this. If she is doing this because she thinks it will bring her fame or make her more worthy to God, it is for the wrong reasons.

Knowing that she wants to be a missionary, and she is an older teen, I asked her if she had settled the marriage question with God. She replied that she would leave it in God’s hands, although she does have a boyfriend now who is not into missions.

Sigh…why have a boyfriend who is not into missions when you know that’s what you want?

I had heard a female missionary speak about life on the field and was very honest about marriage. She said that anyone going onto the mission field needs to settle that question first, especially the females. I shared this with the woman, but she said she knew of a couple who met on the mission field and married.

Seeing that she missed the point the first time, I tried again. Yes we hear stories about couples who met on the field, but those stories are very rare. her point was that anyone going onto the mission field needs to realize and be content with the fact that they will most likely remain single. I also told her another reason that is important is to spare her heartache down the line-being disappointed that the Lord did not provide her a husband when he never promised any such thing to her in the first place.

She said that her boyfriend was some hours away so they don’t see each other everyday, so what’s the harm? Slapping my head, I told her that nowadays with the Internet and cell phones and mail, it is till possible to get attached without seeing each other very often.

I also pointed out to her that the harm is that she wants to do missions, and he does not. Then she said that she doesn’t know what his future holds -so she thinks he’ll change his mind, maybe? I pointed out that while waiting a few years to see if he will change his mind means they will become more attached. If he does not change his mind, then their separation will be that much more painful. Not to mention that if they are not ready to marry, why are they dating?

I wonder about her maturity. She does want to graduate college first before going out to missions, so there is time for her to mature. I hope for her sake she does mature before going on the field.

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  1. ChristineMM
    Jan 18, 2008 @ 10:39:52

    Your post is so interesting. One thing the girl does not realize in her immaturity is that she can go to college and do short term missions in between classes and in the summer. She can also do local outreach mission work while in college.

    She can start off her life in America again doing local missions and short term missions while she tries to find her path in life.

    There are many people in America who need help and charity. There are many Americans who are not Christians who “count” as people needing spiritual guidance.

    It bothers me when a person assumes that all the ‘real missionary work’ has to be done in some foreign country. How about doing the work right in her backyard?

    The missionaries I have met and know who are in the mission field in other countries go there to do a job in a field which they had to know and learn and get experience in here in America. Only after years of working in a set field do they go out to some other country to apply their ‘regular job skills’ over there and do missions while doing ‘the job’ they do (medical job, teaching, running schools, helping in an orphanage, translating, flying planes, etc.).

    Some foreign countries also only let the missionaries in to do the job not just to convert the residents to Christianity. Some missionaries are working in secret regarding thier religious work and are busy doing ‘a real job’ that the government thinks they are there to do as their main reason for being ther.

    So I don’t know what the girl thinks she will do, how she will gain access to that country and what she’ll do there, what real work she will do if she has no experience in some type of skill or occupation…if she expects to go to a foreign country right after college graduation.

    I think it is wonderful that she wants others to learn about God and to find Christianity. Too bad she thinks it must be done in the missions field only.


  2. abrianna
    Jan 20, 2008 @ 00:17:44

    Right Christine. It is great that she wants to share the gospel. Her reasoning behind it is waht concerns me. Plus I have to wonder since she wants to die a martyr will she be reckless, purposely putting herself in danger for the chance to be martyred? Not to mention other people with her that would also be endangered.


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