Tradition Maker

Meredith at “Like Merchant Ships” had a post about a simple Christmas. She said:

Where I feel the Christmas pressure? In being the chief provider of all family memories and traditions. It’s a big job!”

Me too. In fact in my case it is somewhat harder as we celebrate Biblical holidays, and I did not grow up with any of those traditions. And now that we are cross country from former friends and family, that also makes it harder.

I feel this pressure at every holiday because we are so far away. And quite a few of our holidays are eight days, so trying to figure out stuff to do all those days is challenging. And yes, there are traditions, but I do examine those carefully to determine if something contradicts what the Bible says, or is detrimental to Yeshua (Jesus).

It can be exhausting, but I know it will be worth it to have traditions that glorify Him and will make memories for my blessing.

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