I have been busy this evening making cookies for a cookie swap on Saturday. We will also be revealing ourselves to our secret sisters and picking new ones for the next year.

I wish we had known about the cookie swap earlier than this past Friday. It would have been easier to get the recipes and ingredients earlier than this week. I had to call my step-mom for one recipe since it is hers and she is swamped getting ready for a fair this Saturday. I would have called her earlier if I had known we were going to be doing a swap sooner.

Oh well. They want 2 dozen cookies so I decided to do one of my childhood favorites from my Mom and then the other dozen are a wonderful recipe from my step-mom. My mom’s are nice because there are few ingredients, it’s sweet and once they are int he oven, you turn it off and forget about them overnight.

I couldn’t do them tomorrow night because I did not want to start making cookies at 11 p.m. or later. I don’t want to do them on Saturday because I do not want to be crunched for time. We sleep late on Saturday mornings because Friday nights are so late for us.

We also have chips and dip and watch a movie once we come home-our family tradition, as a way to wind down after service and our blessing playing and me dancing. Besides, Saturday I have to wrap my secret sister gift.

I found pretty shiny teal paper and have pretty curling ribbons in blues, silver and white to wrap the gift.

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