Homeschooling is Child Welfare Endangerment

says Germany, in their latest silo against homeschoolers. Dana at Principled Discovery has more, and I won’t rehash what she said, but I will hit some points she didn’t.

The first was the fact that the Evangelical-Free churches distanced themselves from the case, since these families aren’t members of their church. It’s a shame that they decided to take this step-is that what Yeshua would do? Sooner or later it will affect some of their families, and what will they do then? Will there be anyone else willing to help their families, since this church wouldn’t help the families in danger now.

Germany is not only part of the EU (European Union), but their Chancellor is also current President of the EU. This makes the Chancellor, and by extension, Germany, the most powerful nation in the EU and gives them extra clout worldwide. Now we see why this is so dangerous-as goes Germany, so goes the EU? If a German family is in another EU state, they are not safe-the German decision is binding in all the EU states. Down the line could German troops go in to the other states and forcibly remove children? Will they expect the other states police or troops to forcibly remove children and bring the whole family back to Germany? This is not out of the realm of possibility.

Lastly, the Supreme Court in the U.S.A. stated last year that they would look to international law in their decisions. So if the EU bans homeschooling, will America be next?

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