Little Girls

There was an interesting post that was referencing the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fad and the U.K. fad of the Spice Girls.

The interesting thing is that both of these fads have the same result: girls who want to appear older and sexier than they are. I had heard that Hannah Montana was a good family show, so I watched part of one episode. I was not pleased by the dance movements and even some of the attitudes displayed in the show, not to mention other things.

The writer of the Spice Girls article noted the same thing happening across the pond-that ever since the Spice Girls became popular:

Girls were finally unleashed to prove that they could be as vulgar, sexually predatory, and immoral as any of the guys. “Girl power” apparently meant you could toss newborn babies in dumpsters or give birth in toilets and walk away. Abortion on demand (particularly in the UK) is now viewed as a form of birth control. There has been a huge increase in sexually transmitted diseases as
girls prove that guys aren’t the only ones who can initiate a “hook up.” Binge drinking and alcoholism is at an all time high among girls in the West, proving that females can drink themselves under the table, too. Looking at the countless ruined lives of young women today, it should be evident that “girl power”, as expressed by the five vulgarian Spice Girls, was a bad idea. Actually, ten years after their peak stardom, the fast-aging five are hitting their Botox vials and preparing to leave their children behind for yet another world tour. There’s more money to be made off young girls.”

I have a little girl, and I plan on giving her a girlhood, but I know it is going to be a battle. Talking with other mothers of girls, they say it is harder and harder to find appropriate clothing. I know some of the things I’ve seen even in the younger sizes have made me raise my eyebrows, and once you get into size 7 and up, it gets even harder, they tell me.

My blessing is tall, so she will be hitting that 7 size sooner than I would like, in all probability. How do we keep them from wanting to be like the Hannah Montanas, especially when they see this stuff all around them?

When I put on makeup, earrings when I do my nails, my blessing wants those things too. I know that is part of the mother-daughter bond, and she wants to be like me. I want her to be like me, yet on the other hand, I don’t want her starting early in the makeup and nail polish because that can start them down the “wannabe” road.

I don’t let her put on makeup, and I will put polish on her toes, but that’s it. She does have lip balm for her lips.

I just wish it wasn’t so hard to allow girls to be girls, not younger versions of “pop” tarts.

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