Why You need to Know the Law

There were observers present at the vaccination inquisition to see how this tyranny was carried out. Turns out that the information packets given to the parents did not include any waiver/exemption forms. Mr. Ivey did say that at the bottom of the vaccination form was a box to say that you opted out, but most people probably overlooked that.

And there were exemption/waiver forms in the back of the room, but no one was told that they were there. In fact, no one was told that they could opt out of immunizations at all.

“However, when asked if they were aware of the right to opt out, parents were miffed. News reports failed to cite any cases where parents had opted out as a result of signing waiver forms.”

This is why you need to know the law-the authorities won’t tell you what they don’t want you to know.

The AAPS, (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) condemned this action, and also gave another reason for the inquisition:

“AAPS also pointed out a blatant conflict of interest, highlighting the fact that the school district is set to lose a windfall in state funding unless students comply with the vaccine order.”

Not all students complied, so the state will be deciding what to do about them. Stay tuned…

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  1. Eric Palmieri
    Nov 19, 2007 @ 19:14:13

    Basic Law and Civics classes should be basic parts of a high school education. That, and basic money management.

    People in this country don’t even know their own rights.

    -Eric Palmieri



  2. slivermoon22
    Nov 19, 2007 @ 19:57:18

    There is truly NOTHING on planet earth that curls my short hairs more than this incident. I am all eyes and ears.

    The issue is this- in a nutshell.

    They have already built the scenario in the grey room where they ask the question: Ok folks…what if the parents all refuse to give the kids these Satan shots- and we end up with 1000 soccer moms in jail?

    They each, realizing their own provate souls have aready dissolved into the US Gov long ago, or we wouldn’t be here now; decided it was worth the battle. Or, we wouldn’t be here now.

    This fight comes from the top dog. Maryland, – I mean Mary Land, is an experiment to see how things go. Once MARY LAND caves, it’s a done deal.

    Pray for those parents. Pray for us all.

    I am prepared to go to jail if I have to. We don’t do vaccines anymore. Aside from a God thing, it’s risky – to say the least. And, I know things. You know them too.
    Or we wouldn’t be here now.


  3. abrianna
    Nov 20, 2007 @ 15:15:32

    I aggree Eric-people don’t know their rights, and that’s why we are in the state we are in now.

    I agree that this was a test case to see what/how people react. That’s why I’m interested to see what happens with the 900 or so people that did not show up. What will the state do? What will the people do?

    Hopefully they have heard by now that there is no law to vaccinate and they will stand up for their rights.


  4. WildKid
    Nov 27, 2007 @ 04:29:53

    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!


  5. abrianna
    Nov 27, 2007 @ 16:53:48

    Thanks WildKid.

    You have some interesting photos on your blog.


  6. Melvin
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 08:01:37

    Very interesting and helpful post.
    I add your blog in my Google Reader! 😉


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