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I heard an interview with Mr. Ivey yesterday where he was asked if he was going after parents that had exemptions. He said he was glad they had exemptions and he was sure they weren’t going after those students.

I don’t believe him. Out of the 1300 students they are going after, I’m expected to believe that none of those have exemptions? Come on!

I also went to the county’s school website and there is no mention on their site of any exemption form, thus giving the false impression that vaccinations are required by law.

One of their documents says that all children are required to show proof of Hep B and chicken pox vaccine. It goes on to say that proof of full immunization compliance are the Maryland Immunization Certificate 896 or a computer generated print-out from a licensed physician’s office.

Notice there is no mention of a waiver or exemption form. Supposedly when we get to the Office of Epidemiology & Disease Control Programs-a site the school recommends in their document- they have an exemption form. Now there you do need to hunt around to even see any title of “exemption forms”, but they are there under the “Public Health” heading. Scroll down and click on the “Why Immunize/Vaccine Safety” link. When that opens, you have to go to the right hand side of the screen and under the heading “Related Pages”, scroll down and the very last heading there is titled “Exemptions and Consent Forms.”

After all that, what happens when you click on that link? There are no exemption forms. All it is is another page stating why children should be immunized. At some point in this journey, you go from the state page to the CDC page. There are no exemption forms to be found on either page, which means the county, state and national government are lying on their sites. Isn’t that nice?

Anyway, should you be a parent who needs an exemption form, they are available here. Scroll down the page to see the exemption forms. Use theirs, not one foisted on you by the courts or the medical professionals. The page explains why.

Lastly, in case anyone doubts that exemptions are legal, here is the Maryland law:

“Effective currently: (1) The individual objects to immunization because it conflicts with the individual’s bona fide religious beliefs and practices; or (2) The individual
is a minor and the individual’s parent objects to immunization because it conflicts with the parent’s bona fide religious beliefs and practices.

Effective May 2005: a child whose parent objects to immunization on the ground that it conflicts with the parent’s bona fide religious beliefs and practices may not be required to present a physician’s certification of immunization in order to be
admitted to school.”

Are the authorities in Maryland listening?

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