Parental Report Card

I found this story through The Thinking Mother blog. Another school wants to give parents report cards on such things as did their children eat breakfast, do their homework, etc.. One member of the Board of Education said this:

We don’t have our staff making any subjective evaluations.

Does this member think parents are stupid? Of course they’re subjective. Then he tries to downplay it by saying:

Edwards said he’d like to see teachers and school administrators give the parents a pass or fail check — not in a printed report card like their children get, but during the biannual parent-teacher conferences.”

That is supposed to reassure parents I suppose, to go along with this plan. Yet a parent said the version she saw did have parents receiving numerical scores, not just check-marks. If this was implemented, they would probably start out with the check-marks and then once the majority got used to it, go to the actual scores.

The superintendent did not give a very reassuring answer:

“The way Mr. Edwards has presented it, I’m opposed to it,” said Manchester superintendent Kathleen Ouellette. “There are other types of assessments at schools that are not as intrusive. There’s a lot we already do, anyway. This can be very intimidating and will probably anger some parents if it’s not administered in a
sensitive way.”

In other words, if there was a better way to do this, it would be implemented.

How long would it be before parents who “failed” this checklist had social services called on them? And as students get older and more autonomous, it is more difficult to make sure they eat breakfast. I knew a lot of high schoolers who would skip breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, how does a teacher determine whether or not the student had enough breakfast? And hearing a stomach growl does not necessarily mean that someone didn’t eat breakfast. It could mean that they need lunch, but their lunch isn’t scheduled for another ninety minutes. So the parent is to be punished for the way the school schedules lunch?

It is one more way for the State to usurp parental authority, as well as a way to punish parents that the system does not like, or who are different than the rest.

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