Twitching Ilness

In Virginia there is an odd illness that causes twitching and spasms that has been going on since September. They don’t know the cause, nor do they plan to shut down the school. They must be hoping that more people will get the illness because it is foolishness to allow this to continue.

There were lots of contradictions in the article too-I guess they were hoping no one else would notice?

In the beginning of the article it says:

About 30 students staged a walkout and protest earlier this week, and the school has said about 300 of the school’s 1,200 students have been absent.”

Then it says:

Roanoke County school officials and health officials have found no environmental cause for the symptoms, which have affected fewer than 10 students, the Associated Press reported.”

Which is it-300 or 10? If only 10 students were affected, why did they hold a meeting with parents about it?

Again the article says:

So far, the illness has sickened several students and a teacher at William Byrd High School and officials can’t specify specific symptoms to watch out for.”

I wonder what the long term affects of this will be? And if fewer than 10 students have the illness-let’s say it is 9 students-that means that three students are affected every month. When was the last time your school held a meeting about an illness that only affected three students every month? With the State Health Department, no less?

I smell a rat.

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