Midwife Round Up?

Another state has decided to crackdown on midwives-this time it’s Ohio. It is not regulated and has been generally tolerated as long as they don’t cross the “practicing medicine” line-whatever that is.

Last month they raided a midwife’s home seizing her equipment and files. Chillingly, “one of the items specifically named on the search warrant was names, addresses and information about other unlicensed midwives.” So midwives, this is a warning-expect more raids to follow.

They have all her files-so they not only have the midwives information, but they also have information on the people who used this midwife. What will they do with that information? Will people who used this midwife be charged with “child endangerment” too?

As I said in my first post about midwives:

“Why are people so threatened by choices of others that they feel they must take away that choice for everyone?”

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