Using Alternative Medicine Leads to Jail

Laurie Jessop has a son Chad who had malignant melanoma. She did not want to do the traditional treatment so she used alternative ways to treat her son. That’s when her troubles began.

One doctor that they saw after the biopsy results came in said that Chad would die if he didn’t have surgery within the week. This doctor is a general practitioner, not an oncologist, so she had no business making that diagnosis. This doctor reported Laure to CPS for child endangerment. What sort of “freedom” is this, that a doctor calls CPS on you when you don’t do what they want?

Even worse, police showed up at her daughter’s school interrogating her and taking her for a ride in a police car to show them their home. For six hours!!

The story continues-Chad has been free of melanoma, but authorities don’t believe that’s possible and want to subject Chad to more tests, jailed his mother and and she is awaiting trial.

The judge has issued a gag order in this case, so most people won’t ever hear about it.

This is only a brief summary of the story-I left parts out such as what happened when Lorie was arrested, what food Chad was fed in his foster family, etc… For more details, go here.

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