Another Assault on Choice

The medical profession is once again determined to take away choices about medical issues. Instead of midwives, this time the assault is on vaccines. Last month the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania held a “Vaccine Education Symposium” where they decided that vaccination exemptions are not protected by the Constitution (U. S.) and they should be severely curtailed or eliminated.

That’s not all. Here’s a couple of other things they would like to see:

1) Pass laws facilitating prosecution of parents of non vaccinated children for liability when vaccinated children contract vaccine preventable diseases

2) Prosecuting homeschoolers for child neglect if their children are not vaccinated.

There were more, but I will concentrate on these two. The first one is funny when you think about it: if vaccinated children contract a disease they have already been vaccinated against, then the vaccination didn’t work. The medical establishment says they vaccinate to prevent the disease. They don’t say it is to minimize the disease should a person get it (except for the flu shot.)

Why do they want to punish the non vaccinated? The parents should be able to prosecute the doctors and medical establishment for the vaccine that didn’t work. Do they realize that they just admitted vaccines don’t work? If they did, folks that were vaccinated for that disease would not get it, according to them.

Notice that in the next point they specifically say homeschoolers will be prosecuted for child neglect if their children aren’t vaccinated. The public and private schooled parents were left out of this recommendation. I wonder why? Plus, that’s what we call discrimination.

I want to make clear that this is dangerous because this is about the State taking over another health area where people should be able to choose what they want to do. Whether you agree with vaccination or not, you should be concerned that the State wants to take away another individual choice.

If you are a homeschooler you should be concerned since this is one more assault on that choice.

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