wogwsmall1a.jpg I wonder how many of us know what Babel/Babylon really mean? We know that Babel is where all the languages were mixed and we know Babylon for their pagan gods, but the real meaning is both simpler than we thought and more profound.

Babel literally means “confusion by mixing.” That is why when the king found the children who were suitable for his palace, he changed their names to Babylonian ones, wanted them to learn the language and teaching, and eat what they ate. And they were to do this for three years (Daniel 1:4-5).

The hope was at the end of this time they would be Babylonians instead of Israelites-or think that there really was not much to being an Israelite or worshipping Jehovah. Confusion by mixing-a plan that has been used and is being used even today on our youth. Sobering thought, isn’t it?

Another thing I learned was what their Babylonian names really meant.

Daniel’s Babylonian name was Beltheshazzar-which was the name of Nebuchadnezzar’s son who inherited the throne from his father. When we read the account of Daniel 5, after Daniel was brought into the king to interpret the dream, the king calls him Daniel, his Hebrew name, not the Babylonian one. Could it be that Daniel changed his name and put the “te” in there to make his new name mean something different?

Belshazzar means Bel (the king’s favorite god) protect the king. Did Daniel change it to mean Bel not protect the king?

Azariah means Jehovah helps. His new name was Abednego. Abed means servant, but there is no god named Nego. But there was a god named Nebo-so could it be his name was supposed to be “servant of Nebo, the Babylonian god of wisdom”?

Mishael in Hebrew means “Who is Like God?” He was renamed Meshach, but that name has not been found. There is a name Meshaku/Marduk which has been found. Meshaku means “Who is like Aku”-the moon god.

Hananiah meant “Jehovah keeps him”, or Jehovah is gracious”. His new name was Shadrach or Shadku meaning “Command of Aku”-command of the moon god.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

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  1. bgraef
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 19:44:37

    Hmmm … interseting. I didnt know that.
    I learn something every day on WordPress.


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