Falling Backwards

Most of us have probably heard of people doing this, or seen it ourselves, sometimes called “slain in the spirit.” Some things to consider about this:

1) There is no such term “slain in the spirit” in the Bible
2) Falling backwards is problematic.

I know a few people that have been in these types of services. One person, when they didn’t go down actually had someone come behind her and start rocking her shoulders in order to get her to go down! Others said that they were not just touched, but were actually given a little push to help them go down. Obviously, those pastors were not relying on the Lord to do the work.

The person that had the “rocking incident” was wondering why she did not respond. She was told to look up all the instances in Scripture where someone fell backwards. She discovered that every time someone fell backwards, they were under condemnation or death, such as the soldiers that came to arrest Yeshua in the Garden. Before they could approach Him, they all fell backwards.

When people were visited by angles or the apostles, they always fell forward, voluntarily as an act of worship.

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