Religious Freedom?

In Tennessee today, a mother lost custody of her children until mid-December, due to her religion.

Of the 65 pages of court transcripts reviewed by The Daily Times, 41 pages deal directly with White’s religious beliefs.”

The religious questions went on for so long that she could not even bring her witnesses to the stand. The attorney for her husband said:

Garrett said, “I did get on her about her religion because she’s so over the top.

“My purpose was to show her fanatical characteristics — but the judge’s decision about custody was not based on religion.”

Is he serious? That’s what the majority of her questioning was about. If the judge didn’t base his decision on what her religion is, what did he base it on? Her attorney also believes she was attacked for her beliefs.

I don’t want folks to get caught up in whether they agree with her beliefs or not-the facts is, based on her religion, she lost custody.

I hope her attorney will go to bat for her on her constitutional rights, which were clearly violated here. And this sets a precedent for other courts to follow suit. First it will be people considered on the fringes of mainstream religion, but it won’t be long before this happens to the mainstream religions as well.

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  1. Joanne
    Oct 12, 2007 @ 14:10:40

    I also agree that this woman’s religious rights were violated. I hope she can win on an appeal. There is more and more of this happening in the USA. It’s a bit ironic that our nation which guarantees religious freedom in our Constitution violates this guarantee in our courts.



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