Guarding Children’s Minds

Warning: This post not suitable for young or immature readers.

In one small, rural New York school, the eighth and tenth grade health classes are learning some things that are actually anti-health. To wit:

They taught my son how to kill himself, how to slit his wrists,” Fellows said.

Parents also say students were shown a violent R-rated movie, made to take an oath of silence, participate in a mock rape trail, told graphic m****rb*a*on stories and asked to reveal their own sexual histories and desires.”

I know folks who live in this area, and this article doesn’t even tell the worst parts of this abuse. This sociopath so called teacher has been doing this since 1998, and making the children in her class take an oath by standing up, raising their hands and stating that they will not tell anyone what happens in class.

And that R rated movie is called “Bang, Bang You’re Dead” where one scene shows one student shooting another, stuffing him in a barrel, and then shooting the barrel full of holes so that the blood comes squirting out.

She does teach them how to slit their wrists to be successful at it, not to gain attention. She called one girl in the class Gen all year because this girl did not know what g***it*** were. This same teacher is also the gym teacher for the 6th through 12th grades.

What does any of this have to do with health?

This has been going on since 1998-how many students had to sit under this torture? How sad that no one spoke up until now about what was going on. This psychopath succeeded in driving a wedge between the students and the parents.

And remember this happened in a small school district. I often wonder how many folks really know what is happening in their schools? I hear all the time that “that wouldn’t happen here/in my district/school”, but how many of the parents in this small rural district said the same thing?

How many believing children took this class, that never said anything? What does that say for the kind of teaching going on in those churches and homes?

Are we guarding our children’s minds and hearts?

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  1. Joanne
    Oct 06, 2007 @ 03:07:47

    This is just totally over the top outrageous!!! How can even one parent allow their child to be a part of such a class? How can the school justify teaching such things?

    This teacher is a total pervert. Most child molesters make the child swear an oath of secrecy. It amazes me that no one has spoken up until now. It has been going on since 1998..almost 10 years. No telling how many young lives have been ruined by this perverted teacher.

    I hope we can hear that something drastic is going to be done..and this teacher will answer for what she has done.



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