Table Decorations

My table is decorated with a tablecloth and burgundy dining chair covers. I find that chair covers really dress up the table. The tablecloth has the sienna’s, burgundies russets, yellow and green of autumn colors. It is in a plaid and the squares of the plaid have different leaf and vine patterns in complementary colors to the main color of the square.

Last year I purchased some wooden and glass fruit that I have decorating my table and mantle. I also found real mini gourds this year that I mixed in with the fake ones. My husband thought the fake fruit was real last year, which pleased me very much.

The area live in is till int he 80’s and 90’s and we get some yellow if we’re lucky, and then the leaves just fall off the trees, so my table has all that autumn color that I miss so much. I grew up and had been in the Northeast my whole life, so the dearth of color here is hard on me. On the bright side, we can still wear short sleeves and shorts!

I do not have a digital camera so I cannot take a picture for you.

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