Season of our Joy

One of the ways my family bcelebrates Autumn is by celebrating the Lord’s Feast Days of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, and now Sukkot,also known as Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Booths, or Feast of Ingathering. It is celebrated by building sukkahs (booths) in your yards and eating or sleeping in them. Some people will pitch tents and sleep in those. In Israel if one does not have a yard the sukkah will be built on the deck/patio, or inside an apartment.

The sukkah is decorated with greenery and whatever else you want. Some people use paper chains, fruit, vegetables, lights, flowers.

We have a congregational Sukkah and we spent Saturday night out there and slept in it. It was a wonderful time. Sukkot is called the Season of our Joy because you spend over a week celebrating the abundance and provision of the Lord.

In Zechariah 14 we are told that all nations of the earth that survive the Great Tribulation will come together to worship the Lord in Jerusalem during Sukkot. As believers in Yeshua (Jesus) we celebrate the Father sending His Son to dwell or to tabernacle with us.

“It was also during this time of Sukkot that Yeshua the Mashiach revealed Himself to be the Light of the world (John 8:12, 7:2, 37). Moreover, Yeshua used the very water from the pool of Shiloach (Siloam) to heal the man born blind, enabling him to see the Light of the world. ”

Read more about Sukkot here.

There is also food and the way I decorate my table, but that is for another post.

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