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I came across a post today that I found interesting, and got me thinking. The post was about the effects of architecture on people and it is intriguing. Here are some of the points made:

“These houses, though they have ample expanse, have never had the kind of storage spaces women needed in order to keep their homes uncluttered.”…

In order to escape this uneasy feeling at night, children in those kinds of homes will often forgo the “privilege” of having a room of their own apiece, and choose their parents’ room to sleep in at night…”

Many children grew up without window seats or the pleasure of sitting near a window and just looking outside.”…

Frank Lloyd Wright said ” that he could design a house that could cause a divorce in a matter of weeks.”

There’s so much more, but all this got me thinking about places I’ve lived. When we had my blessing we were in a one bedroom condo. One of the things that our blessing liked to do was sit in her crib and look out the window. There was a big picture window we put her crib by and there would be times that all she wanted to do was sit in her crib, bounce , and look out the window.

When we moved into a house, our big concern was that she was going to miss her window. We did have a bay window out the front yard and another picture window by the dining alcove that looked out on the back yard. We made good use of those.

That house had no entryways and a small kitchen. I did not like that. That home was a ranch.

When we moved to where we are now, we are also in a ranch since that happens to be the majority of homes that are here. This is a nice house, although I can relate to the not enough storage space. We do have two entryways here though, which I like very much. Now we do have an attached garage which is wonderful, but you have to come down the entryway a bit in order to be in the house. Attached garages are a good thing to have, in my opinion.

I remember when we first started looking at homes here I wondered why all the kitchens were so small! I had just come from a small galley style kitchen and I did not want to repeat the experience. I do have a friend who loves that style, but I wanted to be able to have all three of us be in the kitchen and still have some room to work. I have that here. I would still like more space, but this is so much better than what I had before.

Interestingly enough, the biggest kitchen I had was in the apartment I had before I married. It was an eat in kitchen since there was no other dining area, but it was nice.

We do have a picture window in this house too and glass doors leading out to the back. When it gets hot, I have to keep the drapes closed otherwise the room heats up terribly. I do have 4 narrow windows in the kitchen, so in the winter I get lots of light, but once it gets warm, the blinds need to be closed so the kitchen does not get unbearably hot.

I did notice that my blessing likes to sleep in our room and one particularly windy night she was scared and crying.

It is interesting that planners and builders knew what they were doing and a lot of the modern homes and neighborhoods started being built in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

It certainly gives one food for thought.

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