Gossip Girls, Bratz, et.al

Christine over at The Thinking Mother did a post about books turning into a television series. This new series which premiered tonight is called “Gossip Girls”, the same name as the book series.

She wonders if she is alone in her rejection of this type of “entertainment” for 12-16 year olds and younger. She is not.

Even if I did not know anything about these books and dolls (Bratz), just the names alone are enough to steer me away from allowing my blessing to have them. Their names already are promoting traits I don’t want and glorifying bad behavior. Believe me, children/young adults don’t need any encouragement for bad behavior!

Christine has boys and some people might wonder why a mother of boys would be so concerned with a series supposedly geared towards girls. She makes excellent points in her post why we should all be concerned. I want to touch on some things she didn’t mention.

I don’t want boys or girls watching this series. They both learn that girls are manipulative, boys are only interested in one thing and having relations with lots of partners is something to achieve. This demeans them both, besides setting them up for low expectations in the future for all their relationships, whether in marriage or friendship.

And even younger children can be exposed to this ingraining in them that young people really can’t be expected to do any better. How sad to think that’s the behavior that is expected of you.

Hopefully the series will tank and we will be rid of it.

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  2. abrianna
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 04:34:37

    I don’t answer to what the “average individual” believes. I answer to Ha Shem/Adonai/King of Kings for what I do and how I raise my children. And I am responsible for what goes into their minds and hearts.

    Even though you believe my post to be a waste of time, you did comment, so it seems that this post did hit a nerve with you.


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