Citizen Information from Elementary Students

Parents with students in a Milwaukee public school received a letter from Homeland Security asking for citizenship information on their students. Many parents were not pleased.

“Then there was a plain-looking piece of pink paper – a directive from”Homeland Security” that said the federal agency was “requesting all Milwaukee Public Schools provide “citizenship information” for students in their building. The form asked for visa status, citizenship status, immigration number as well as other information.”

Officials apologized, said they didn’t know anything about it and told parents they did not have to fill it out. What is interesting is that when you go to the documents on the right hand side of the column and click on the apology letter that was sent out, that letter says that they need to contact their lawyers to figure out what to do with the information they did receive.

They have already established that they do not need or want the information. Why do they need an attorney to tell them to purge the information out of their computers and shred the papers that did come in?

I also find it interesting that the form that was handed out to clerical staff during trasining this summer “just happened” to be that one. The people running that training knew exactly which form they wanted the trainees to have.

The thing is, now that this and other schools have that form, most of the information on that form can be filled out by clerical staff without the parents ever knowing that it was sent to Homeland Security.

The schools are being set up as another dragnet to catch those people deemed “undesirables, dissenters, troublemakers, useless eaters.”

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