Crime-Being Born?

There’s a row brewing across the pond about the latest addition to their criminal DNA database:

“The DNA of a seven-month-old baby girl has been added to the police’s national database designed to identify criminals.”

Even worse is the 100,000 DNA samples taken from 10 to 16 year olds who have never been convicted or charged with any crime. If the government decides that you are too much trouble and need to be jailed for a while, they can now provide your DNA evidence to crimes you did not commit. Who will believe it when you say you are innocent? After all, they have evidence of your DNA at the crime. This is one of the reasons people are so upset about this database.

These records will be retained until after their deaths, but who’s to say when or if it will ever be erased? After all it could be used to smear one’s reputation after death or make trouble for remaining family members. It can also be used to exonerate people that really did do crimes, but the government no longer wants them in jail. The possibilities for corruption are endless.

The spokesman said that you can ask for the sample to be removed, giving one the impression that it’s easy to have your DNA removed from the database.

The reality is quite different:

“Last week lawyers from Liberty finally won a six-month battle with Avon and Somerset Constabulary to have the DNA of an innocent 13-year-old boy removed from the national database. He had been falsely accused of writing graffiti.”

Six months of wrangling in court to get it removed is their definition of easy. Most of us would disagree with that assessment.

What were these parents thinking? Never mind, I forgot-they weren’t thinking.

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