One Child Penalities Expanded

A month ago I wrote that China was increasing the fines for those that were violating the one child policy rule. At that time I wondered how long it would be before the penalty extended to all residents, not just the welathy ones.

I didn’t have to wait long:

“Urban Chinese who have more than one child will get a black mark on their credit record, the government said, in a scheme that appeared to target newly rich couples undeterred by fines from having extra children.”

The article goes on to say that there are no further details about this new penalty and it’s not “clear whether the action might affect a person’s ability to conduct financial transactions.”

Let’s not be naive here: of course it’s going to impact someone’s ability to conduct financial transactions! That’s why the bank will have the black mark instead of any other type of store.

Even though this article said it was the urban areas being targeted, I don’t believe it. Note that the article also uses the word “appears” to target the rich-leaving the possibility open that it is for everyone.

Make no mistake-it really is for everyone, urban or not, rich or not, whether it was formally announced it was for everyone or not.

Why are the 2008 Summer Olympics being held there?

(Hat Tip: Judy Aron)

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