Washington State Homeschooers

Washington State homeschoolers are having trouble with some of their school districts asking for more information than the law requires on the Intent forms. To wit:

“The lady in charge, after refusing to look at the RCW and sample form from Terry Bergeson’s website, said they could ask for anything they wanted, just couldn’t “require” it — however, a bold type “Documentation must be provided annually” on a government form sure gives the appearance of “requiring!”

This letter writer is correct-it gives the appearance of requiring additional information that the law does not require. And of course, officials of the district will not tell a homeschooling parent what the law is because either they don’t know it, or they choose to ignore it. So someone who is not clear on what their rights are may be bamboozeled into giving out more information than is needed.

And as the letter writer points out later, why do they want this information? What will the school district do with it? One thing not asked in the letter but something I’d like to know is who else will have access to this information?

This is not an isolated case, either:

Several Home School Legal Defense Association members have received declaration of intent forms from their respective school districts requesting more information than they are legally required to provide.”

What is Washington State hoping for with this extra information?

Once again, I’m sorry for all the different fonts. Word Press does not allow me to change them, and yes I even used Notepad (numerous times) trying to make it all uniform, and even that didn’t work.

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