Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Babies

Yes, you read that correctly-they now want to give this vaccine to infants.

“A DOCTOR who played a leading role in trials for the cervical cancer vaccine that is being given to schoolgirls is now proposing to test it in babies, with a view to adding the vaccine to the infant immunisation program.

Suzanne Garland, the director of microbiology and infectious diseases at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, will today fly to the US to meet representatives from the drug companies that make the vaccine. One of the issues she will discuss with them is a proposal to conduct trials in babies up to a few months old.”

How long before they want to give this to just born infants, the way they want to give all the few hours old infants the Hep B shot? And it won’t be long until they want to do this here too.

I guess the rate of autism is not increasing fast enough, so they need to do something to hurry it along.

If it is genetic, as some studies say, how is that possible? It is increasing in every ethnic group, every gender, every socioeconomic class. How can it be genetic when it is increasing in every ethnic group? How can it be environmental when it affects people rich and poor alike? Cities, suburbs, rural areas alike.

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  1. I Hate Cancer
    Aug 29, 2007 @ 11:18:25

    I’m really against cancer, and pray for a cure, and while I think this vaccine has it’s uses, the fact that it has yet to be proven really scares me. Now they wanna “test” it in babies? This is just getting crazy.


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