I am wiped out today, and expect to be wiped out every Thursday until Sukkot is over. Why, you say? In order to get the dances for the holidays down and the dances for the Ted Pearce concert down, we meet an hour before weekly dance practice starts, and then dance after weekly practice is done. This meant last night we danced for four and a half hours. No wonder I’m wiped out.

Not to mention that this is the month of Elul, and besides getting ready for the holidays, my blessing’s birthday and my wedding anniversary all fall in this month. That’s a lot of planning to do besides learning the dances and I am not even including the tambourine routines.

I enjoy it, I do, but it’s a lot of things to go on in two months. The actual holidays occur in the next month of Tishrei-in case anyone was confused.

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