Psychologists Approve Inclusion in Interrogations

That’s quite the tongue twister, isn’t it? Quick-say it three times fast. Bet you can’t, lol.

All humour aside, this should send chills down spines.

“The American Psychological Association’s policy-making council voted against a proposal to ban psychologists from taking part in any interrogations at U.S. military prisons “in which detainees are deprived of adequate protection of their human rights.”

The council did approve a resolution saying they did not approve of torture and members who do participate in terror interrogations could be expelled from the group and lose their licenses. Or nothing could happen to them at all.

A military psychologist said:

“If we remove psychologists from these facilities, people are going to die,” said Army Col. Larry James, who serves as a psychologist at Guantanamo Bay.”

Does this man realize he just admitted that the military has no control over themselves and that they kill prisoners!?

As someone else points out later:

“If psychologists have to be there so detainees don’t get killed, those conditions are so horrendous that the only moral and ethical thing is to leave,” said Laurie Wagner, a psychologist from Dallas.”

Not only that, but are these folks really so naive that they would believe the military when they tell them that they haven’t used torture? The same military that lied about the Tuskegee Airmen, radiation experiments, Pat Tillman’s murder and who knows what else?

And how many of these psychologists will turn into informants for the military, C.I. A., and other government groups? What they learn can also be used for more questioning and other ways of psychologically torturing prisoners, just like they’re doing in Russia.

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