Building Fund

Last night we had a meeting about the start of a building fund. It did not start on time and there were many details discussed. We did not even start our special dance practice until 10 p.m., and we had to learn a new part of the dance. It’s not easy doing that at 10 at night, lol!

Overall, I thought the leaders did a good job of handling concerns. Had they explained one thing in particular better off in the beginning I think that would have helped alleviate some misunderstandings.

They wanted a vote on what they discussed and some folks said that they felt like they were being rushed, so they set a deadline for the votes to be in. You could vote right away or you could wait and pray to see how the Lord wanted you to vote.

After the meeting there were people discussing the ones who wanted to wait and once again I heard some say that being cautious like that was operating out of fear.


Wanting to wait and pray on it before you vote is operating out of fear!?! I can understand both sides-the “fear” folks say that a building fund has been talked about for years now, so this should not be news to folks, and this is just a vote to see if we can get started.

I also understand the view of others-that it’s been talked about, yes, but this is the first time we have had this kind of detail about it and we feel we need to pray over it before giving a yea or nae.

I am truly baffled as to why the pray and wait approach seems to frustrate and upset so many people. We’re supposed to take every thing in prayer to God, but when people actually want to do it, it’s being cautious and fearful.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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