Dissidents Forcibly Detained-Update

For background, see my first post on Mrs. Arap.

Well, the good news is that Mrs. Arap has been released to her family. The bad news is that she was declared mad:

“Naked and with her hands and feet bound to the corners of a metal bed covered by a rubber incontinence sheet, Larisa Arap eyed with quiet defiance the doctors who wanted to declare her mad.

A needle sank into her arm. Over the coming weeks, as the treatment took its effect, Mrs Arap would become everything the doctors declared her to be: her head lolled to one side, her tongue hung out of her mouth and her face went slack.”

She was also covered in bruises, could barely speak, could not stand and faded in and out of consciousness. I guess what they say is true-a leopard can’t change their spots, and there is no freedom in Russia.

She was not even a high profile critic, but it didn’t matter. If they did this to a low level person, what on earth would they do to a high profile person?

She is also forbidden to see folks other than her immediate family. And she is not the only one recently who has been imprisoned this way. The article mentions seven other people that have been through this torture imprisonment. And unfortunately there will be many more victims.

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