Zemer Levav

We had the chance to hear from Zemar Levav about the three months they spent in the Holy Land. They spent the first three weeks in Jerusalem and they were minutes away from at least eight congregations of Messianic believers. They were pleasantly surprised that there were that many congregations in such a small area.

They also said that the spiritual warfare in the city was oppressive. You could see this tension in everyone’s faces, even the secular people. They felt it, but could not express what it was. It was so heavy you could put a knife through it. Fortunately for them, HaShem moved them about thirty minutes away and they were able to have a much needed rest, since they have been on the road so much this year.

They went to many hospitals and were able to minister there in song, dance and prayer. There were some rules they had to follow:
1) They could not sing songs about Yeshua (Hebrew for salvation, which is what and who Jesus is)
2) They could not pray to Yeshua, but they could pray to the Father in Yeshua’s name-so they did!
They had many people come to them and ask them to pray, and they made many friendships with both believers and non-believers alike. They were fortunate enough to have use of a van while there and they would use that van to pick up folks in Jerusalem-sometimes making a couple of trips to get everyone.

They hope to return every year and ideally would like to spend six months over there each year and six back in the States. There were so may ways God worked in their lives over there. It is good to see how He works in the lives of His children.

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