Living in Fear/Don’t Say Anything Negative

I have heard these things quite a bit from people and I am finding it aggravating. Now while we do need to be careful with our speech and we can speak blessings or curses on ourselves, this doesn’t change the fact that bad things do indeed happen and not speaking about them does not mean they don’t exist.

Example 1:
There was a discussion about what to do when an authority wants to enter your home without a warrant. Some said they would have no problem with that-I said I would. If something is found in your home that brings you to court, you can’t contest it since you let them in in the first place. Not to mention that it is the law that they need a warrant to enter your home. Authorities expect me to follow the law-why can’t I expect the same of them? And then I heard the “we can’t live in fear…” So now exercising my constitutional rights is living in fear?

Example 2:
We were talking about allergies and how it might be worse for someone with allergies to be in a place where it is windy, since the allergens blow all over and there is no escape form them. I then said I thought my blessing might have allergies. The immediate response was “Don’t say that!” Grrr I thought to myself. The fact is that for over a year my blessing has been congested and coughing and she has never done that before. Even my next door neighbor noticed and asked me if she had allergies.

It’s not like the first few times this happened, I immediately thought that she might have allergies. This has been happening for a year, and had not happened before that. Not mentioning it does not make it any less true.

It is from other believers that I hear this. In order to live in peace with them, and to keep myself from having the wrong attitude toward them, I will not say anything unless it is neutral or positive. This will keep me from being upset or aggravated with them.

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