I am truly baffled by some decisions folks make. I had tambourine practice today and there was a cute little dog there, which made me think that I should have brought my blessing.

When practice was over, one of the mothers went to her child and asked if she was feeling okay, since she had a fever that morning. The mother then proceeded to feel her daughter’s forehead, to check on the fever.

At this point, I was very glad I had not brought my blessing to practice. Your child had a fever in the morning and yet you bring her to practice, where there were other preschoolers, and two toddlers? So she can share her illness with everyone else?

This child was acting normal, but still…If my blessing had a fever, I would have

1) Stayed home with her and missed practice
2) Left her with her father while I went to practice

but I would not have taken her with me when I knew that she had a fever earlier in the day.

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