God Has No Limitations

Coming home tonight from service, I saw an interesting sign on a church. The sign said that the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves-God does not limit us.

This is more New Age than Bible. God does not want us to do any and every thing we want to, because the human heart is deceitful above all. He does limit us, and we ignore those limits at our own peril.
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  1. sulochanosho
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 11:16:13

    The new emerging natural age is not for churchianity or for that matter any other insanity. All the religions have failed to see LIFE as it is here and now. Our world leader Mr Bush, the butcher is waging holy wars and bloods on the small non-mighty and non-compliant countries, killing and murdering the people and leaders mercilessly with so called holy sanction and false world support. Why are we being trapped and turmoiling in the dead debris of religions. Today religions are not more than a mere bunch of dead rituals. Vested interests and vested establishments may have a big stake in it – otherwise it is deadwood.


  2. Matt
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 13:16:31

    God does have limits. Not only is it explicitly said that he can not like, it’s also strongly suggested that he has trouble with Iron Chariots.
    Go figure.


  3. abrianna
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 06:09:34

    Everybody has a religion sulochanosho, whether they recogonize it or not. It could be humanism, darwinism, meditation, spirtism, science, but it is still a religion-even the “new emerging natural age”, although I’ve never heard that term before.

    Who decides what is good or what is moral in the new emerging natural age?


  4. abrianna
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 06:10:44

    Yes Matt, “Go figure”, indeed.


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