Dissidents Forcibly Detained

A woman who wrote an article noting the use of electroshock therapy in Russian mental health hospitals for children is now in one herself.

“When Ms Arap confirmed she was the author of the article, she was escorted by police to court, where documents were produced that said she required medical attention.”

Notice there was no trial, she was just taken to court where these documents “appeared”. A doctor would not confirm whether the woman was there, but said patients were never admitted for political beliefs, there are no political prisoners in that hospital, and “…dissidents can be psychologically ill.” Hegelian Dialectic used there.

I would like to know how long this person has been a doctor and how old they are, to have never heard that people had been admitted to the hospital for their personal/political/religious beliefs.

It’s just a figment of our imaginations I guess and apparently millions of people were never starved to death either.

Give me a break.

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